Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

I love love this time of yr in MD (next to fall of course). I love all the trees that flower at the beginning of Spring but most of all I love going to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms. We've been going to see them for the past three years now and it still amazes me how beautiful they look. We went to DC on Friday (it was crazy packed but oh well). Saturday we bummed around but that evening Ken,Matt and I went to the Easter Vigil at our church where Ken was rebaptized and confirmed as a Catholic. We dropped off Mady with some friends since mass would start around her bedtime. I am so glad she behaved for our friends The Martins. I really don't know what we would have done if we never met them. They are one of the nicest families we have met. I am so thankful for them and our friendship with them. Mass was wonderful and I love two of Matt's quotes that night. The first came from him right after church and we had just buckled our seat belts when he said to Ken "well congratulations Dad you are now a Catholic" and the second one came when we were getting close to The Martins house...we had a gift from them to Ken sitting in Mady's seat so Matt told Ken that he would hold his "Catholic gift" for him so Mady can sit back in her carseat. I honestly don't know what runs thru his head at times haha. Our Sunday was very low key. Kids found their baskets,had an Easter egg hunt and then cracked cascarones (Mexican Easter eggs). Mady has been a little under the weather so she stayed in but Matt took advantage of the warm weather and rode his bike quite a bit. All in all it was a great three day weekend. Happy Easter!