Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fall wrap up

I can't believe November has come and gone. I know the month isn't over just yet it practically is at my house. The fall decorations are down and have been replaced w/ Christmas.
Our Thanksgiving this year was a good one. We spent it at a friend's house w/ three other families. Being there helped keep my mind off of not having Matthew w/us. I had to look at the bright side though. He did get to visit w/ my family and since he spent Thanksgiving with his other family only means we get him for Christmas! Last Christmas was so depressing for me that I cried Christmas morning :( This year will be great. Not only will Mady get to participate in opening gifts (last yr she was only 10months) but my parents and sister will be here too. It has been 4 yrs since I've spent a holiday with them. Plus, I'm not stressing about $$ for their visit because the kids' gifts have been bought and wrapped already. I will definitely continue early Christmas shopping.
Oh I forgot to mention that earlier this month DH graduated from CCAF. It was short ceremony (thank gawd). Mady was well Mady...loud. She talked thru most of the ceremony as well as ran up and down the pew. Luckily we were the only ones in that row with a very nice man at the other end who humored her. I did get compliments that she was cute and well behaved from the row behind us...really? Could they not here her telling the different speakers to "go home"? Oh well whether they were being nice or honest I'm just glad they weren't rude.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend wrap up

So glad to have Ken home after his short trip to TX this past week. We had a pretty low key weekend just the way he likes it :) I've been sick w/ a horrible smoker's cough for nearly a week. I can't say more than a few words or even laugh cuz then I start w/ my hacking cough. It's not fun but I don't think it's contagious because I am the only one who has it so that's some good news. Saturday my cough and I went to a clothing swap. This is the second one that I've been to. I had such a great time and scored some great stuff (need to take pics). If you aren't too familiar with a clothing swap it's just a get together where you bring in clothes that you no longer wear/fits and swap w/ other girlies and any left overs get donated. I was so hesitant when I went to my very first one and saw that it wasn't just "old clothes" like I had imagined. It is gently used clothes kinda what your closet has hanging in there now. I kinda think of it like I borrow clothes from my friends and sister and this is kinda the same except I get to keep it :) Later that evening I decorated the stairway w/ fall garland as well as our front room. I also made pumpkin pie in a was delish and something I will make again. Ken and I both really liked it. Sunday has been a blur...took it easy til 11:30 ran many errands while Matt was at CCD and then back to chill mode the rest of the afternoon. Matt had a friend over from 3 to 5 so that kept him entertained and Mady took a 3 hr nap. We are so ready for Monday!