Monday, September 27, 2010

Our weekend wrap up

Well, kids and I had a cold this past weekend which I think stemmed from our Wed. afternoon flu shots. I started w/ a sore throat,coughing,runny nose and a sore left arm thanks to Mady. She received her shot right before me and started screaming and crying. I was trying to hold onto her while waiting for my shot. Well, the nurse gave me my shot while I was still trying to keep a tight grip on Mady so my arm was a little more tense than I would have liked it to have been. Thurs. and Fri. are kind of a blur but I know I didn't work out which was pretty crucial to me (in the sense that I am not an in any way shape or form athletic)and Sun. morning would be my first 5k race. I never really ever had any intentions on running but a friend posted it as an invite on Facebook. It was invite to run the 5k,do the 1 mile fun walk or just donate. My other friend had convinced me to run it. So, the same week of the race I FINALLY paid my due. The name of the run was Bubba's Belly Run. You can read the sad back story here. Ok on Saturday I knew I had to go to the gym no matter what. I went along w/ my awesome smoker's cough that I have because of the cold. I ran like I usually do for 40 mins and in that time I surpassed the 3.2 miles and that I was use to. I have no problem running on a treadmill its outside that I really don't do so well. By this point worrying about Sunday would be pointless. Later that evening we took the kids to Oktoberfest that the military hosted on post. Both kids really enjoyed themselves. It looks like Mady will like fast rides (something I have NEVER cared for). That night after the kids went to bed I set my stuff out for the following morning took my Tylenol p.m. since I was sore from my run earlier and went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up early and ate breakfast and was ready outside waiting w/ two other friends for our ride w/ Melissa who sent the invitation. It was a cool and drizzly morning and I felt slightly sick from nervousness the whole time til we actually started the run. Like always I feel sick the first 10 mins til I get into my groove and feel alright. I ran the whole time which meant a lot to me since I am not great outdoor runner and finished at 36.51 which is what I average on the treadmill. I am so lucky to have run in at the same time as my great friend Barbie. She encouraged me towards the very end when I began to slow down and for that I thank her. I hope if we are still stationed here next year to do the run again. Listening to Nicki Bunting talk was so heart breaking. If I am not then I know I'll definitely donate. Hope y'all enjoy some of these pictures.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update on Christmas gifts

So far so good for Christmas gifts. I didn't take out Matt's laptop and printer because they are packed up nicely in my closet. We are still pending some more gifts and Mady is starting to show more of an interest in certain items which is very helpful. She loves animals and I've seen a few at Target that move when you touch them. I know she'll love those. As for Disney Princesses I don't think her favorite will be Snow White (as much as I want it to). I think she is leaning towards Ariel and loving the whole Mickey Mouse gang. Matthew is pending a few more Sponge Bob items and Club Penguin. We will wait til maybe Nov. for those because he is always changing his mind and sometimes he'll get a few before Christmas. Can't wait to start wrapping gifts!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday was a funday :)

Ok so we really didn't do anything special and it was a rainy gloomy day but I still had a good day. Ken was off and he grilled some brats,first game of the season for Redskins and they beat the Cowboys and last but my favorite moment from yesterday was Mady squealing at Target when she saw a huge face of Hello Kitty in the girls clothing section. She wouldn't stop pointing at Hello Kitty til I took her over and lifted her up so she could touch Hello Kitty's face. I still love Hello Kitty(not Mariah Carey love haha). I am so happy Miss Mady is seeming to like her just as much as I do. All in all we enjoyed yesterday and didn't let the weather ruin our day. We have a lot to look forward to this week as well. Hope y'all enjoy this week!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

♫It's our anniversary♫

Today was our 4 yr wedding anniversary and it was a great day! We have NEVER been able to go out just us two and celebrate. We went out for lunch while Matt was at school and my greatest friend,Barbie, took Mady for a little while. Then at 5 Ken's co worker,who also is our side neighbor, took care of both kids for us. We were home minutes til 7 and was happy to hear that Mady was good for her. Matt played Club Penguin while we were out and could have cared less if our house was on fire haha. Mady was upset after Mrs. Lauren left and threw a mini tantrum so we took her outside to the park and she cooled off. We delivered our church casserole that is due every first Thursday of the month before 8pm for a soup kitchen in Baltimore (we almost forgot all about it). It has been overall a wonderful day. I love Kenny more than the day we married he is my best friend and my better half. Thank you love for a wonderful 6 yrs (we've been a couple that long) and 4 wonderful years of marriage. I look forward to many many more years together.