Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas is just around the corner...AHHH!

I am not ahead on my Christmas shopping as I was last year but close enough. We've gotten my MIL,SIL,BIL,SFIL and sister out the way. I know what we are getting my parents and we have Matt's list coming up next. He has 4 gifts right now and two on the way thru snail mail. His gifts are a little pricier than Mady's. She is so easy to shop for even when she is around us. I do have to admit I had to give her one early because she plays with the shapes and uses them as pastries. I am trying to sell the toys she is too old for or doesn't really use. Those "pastries" belong the a cookie jar that taught her about shapes but she has no need for it. I replaces her shapes with some real plastic sweets. She loved them and forgot all about her other ones. So, this is what we have for her so far. I don't plan on buying too much more. The easel is in our garage closet so I just pulled up a stock photo of it. One side is a dry erase board that comes with magnets and the other is a chalk board. I am so excited for her to use it :)