Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our new house

Well, we have finally settled into our new home. We really love it...there is so much more space than our old house. We are not 100% done w/ the home but about 95% done. Hope you enjoy some of the pics. This is the 2nd floor of our house.
This is the first wall you see as you come up our stairs.
Picture #2 is the wall to your right and that door you see is Matthew's bathroom.
Pictures 3 & 4 are Matthew's bathroom. It's been great not having to share a bathroom w/ him and he actually has a good size bathtub. I wish you could see all the coordinating accessories that go w/ his under the sea theme. We plan on buying wall art but really haven't seen anything that matches w/ his shower curtain.
Picture 5 is our room and the baby's door is closed.
Pic 6 & 7 are as you enter our bedroom we have our bathroom to the right w/ a walk in closet. I love having 2 sinks and sink room. 8 & 9 are our room. Yes we have black curtains but that's only because the sun rises and lights up our whole room by 6/7 in the morning and one of us usually has a sun beam in our eye. Now are room is very dark and its wonderful.
Pics 10 &11 is Maddie's room. 12 & 13 is Matthew's room. 14 is our office/guest room. We plan on buying a pull out couch but just haven't yet. 15 is looking down from the top of our stairs and the last one is going down stairs. As soon as I can I will post pics of our downstairs and the outside of our home.