Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Another Halloween in a new home. Matthew decided to be a blue power ranger this year. The first picture is right before he and Ken left to go trick or treating. Picture #2 is our cat,Maelin, w/ her costume...she's a witch. Picture # 3 is Matthew eating a snack after all his walking and the last one was taken by Matthew...he was standing on the stairs.

Well, we are still organizing a few things...especially anything that has to be hung both in & outside. So please excuse some of the mess on the floors or counter. We are currently converting our kitchen closet into a pantry. For some reason the houses were built w/ their pantries under the island. So we asked housing for two more shelves and Ken installed them himself only one of the shelves wasn't cut short enough so we have to wait to have maintenance comes by to pick up the shelf. Still we already have two up and just waiting for that third one then our pantry will be complete. Which is great because I am tired of having to get down on my hands and knees to get things under the island. Hopefully I will have some house pictures up before I leave to Laredo for Thanksgiving.

All in all we had a good turn out in trick or treaters,plenty of candies and Matthew enjoyed himself. Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween.