Sunday, February 14, 2010

♥ Valentine's Day ♥

Ahhh Valentine's Day one of my favoritest (yup favoritest) holidays. I love all the pink,red and hearts. It's funny though since Ken and I have yet to ever celebrate it the traditional way...i.e. dinner and a movie. We were actually talking about all our past V-days from the time we were dating til now and not a single one did we go out together sans little people. It would almost seem weird to actually celebrate the traditional way. Plus, we've come to the conclusion that our "Valentine's Day" takes place any weekend in June when we are in TX and my parents are able to babysit for us. Also, Matt likes to celebrate it with us. Here are just a few pics from today. Ken had to work a day shift so my morning and afternoon were the usual. I washed clothes and cleaned up after Matt & Mady. I waited til Ken got home so we could both give them their gifts. Matt of course loved his and Mady well she was interested for about 5 seconds before she saw my cook books and decided she wanted them off the book shelf. We had about 20 mins. of chat time while Matt and Mady were both quiet. Ken cooked dinner for me and Matt ate cheese pizza but we did have a candle on our table :) Afterwards, Matt and I made "Valentines" s'mores which are just like regular s'mores except instead of the plain white marshmallow we used pink ones instead. All in all it was a great day. I spent time w/ the ones that mean most to me and we are all healthy so I can't complain. Hope everyone enjoyed this day.