Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend wrap up

So glad to have Ken home after his short trip to TX this past week. We had a pretty low key weekend just the way he likes it :) I've been sick w/ a horrible smoker's cough for nearly a week. I can't say more than a few words or even laugh cuz then I start w/ my hacking cough. It's not fun but I don't think it's contagious because I am the only one who has it so that's some good news. Saturday my cough and I went to a clothing swap. This is the second one that I've been to. I had such a great time and scored some great stuff (need to take pics). If you aren't too familiar with a clothing swap it's just a get together where you bring in clothes that you no longer wear/fits and swap w/ other girlies and any left overs get donated. I was so hesitant when I went to my very first one and saw that it wasn't just "old clothes" like I had imagined. It is gently used clothes kinda what your closet has hanging in there now. I kinda think of it like I borrow clothes from my friends and sister and this is kinda the same except I get to keep it :) Later that evening I decorated the stairway w/ fall garland as well as our front room. I also made pumpkin pie in a was delish and something I will make again. Ken and I both really liked it. Sunday has been a blur...took it easy til 11:30 ran many errands while Matt was at CCD and then back to chill mode the rest of the afternoon. Matt had a friend over from 3 to 5 so that kept him entertained and Mady took a 3 hr nap. We are so ready for Monday!