Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

I am happy that March is over. That month seemed to have dragged. I am happy that I was able to go down to TX and visit with my family just wish it was under better circumstances.
This past weekend we decided to take a trip down to DC and see the cherry blossoms. This has to be my most favorite time in this to fall. I love all the light pink blossoms on the trees. Our trip started a little rocky. First off the kids and I have colds. Second I made us switch trains and third Mady was not wanting to sit in her stroller or take pictures. So, the train incident...
First, let me tell you that if you didn't know I have a major FEAR of vomit. My son is a sympathy vomiter. So, we are a perfect pair. We had just sat down at our seats when a group of at least 10 people walked in (tourist...I could tell)and sat near us. They all made it very clear that they couldn't sit backwards. Neither can I but, I just don't look out the window if I have to sit in the opposite direction the train is traveling. Fine, fine they all take a seat. As soon as the train started the older man behind me starts freaking out. He was saying "oh no, oh boy I've never been on one of these. I just took a bunch of muscle relaxer and they make me woozy." Then he precedes to ask each person from his group if they have a plastic bag because he really thought he needed it. We weren't even at the first stop yet and he was possibly ready to spew? So, great my anxiety kicks in and I KNOW if this man vomits I'm gonna scream and my son will precede to throw up as well. I only packed an extra outfit for the little miss. We would have to go home and call it a day. So, I casually mouth out to my husband "we need to get off right now". Of course he doesn't understand me but 5 mins later I gave him "the look" (not the sexy one but the serious one)and we exited our train. I just wanted to switch to the train behind us but since there wasn't really that many people at that next stop the doors opened and shut before we could get to the train behind us. We waited for the next metro to pull up which was maybe 15 mins. Our trip after that was normal and we made it into DC. The blossoms were gorgeous just as they have been every year we have gone. I took only a few pics because the kids really weren't cooperating. Oh well we enjoyed our time out. Getting back home was rough. The metro was jam packed thanks to a baseball game going on that evening (ummm Go Nats? not a true baseball fan sorry). We were glad that we all got home in one piece. So enjoy a few shots of that day. I am also pretty sure that man puked on the train (its a 35 min ride before you have to get off and switch lines).