Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunny Farm

So I am guessing MD just skipped over spring because it was so darn hot today! This is how un TEXAS we are now...our car read 91 and we were sweating! Yup we are going to shrivel up and die when we go home this summer. We drove down to Butlers Orchard and the kids had a great time. Mady is scared of all animals that are larger than her. Matt has always been an animal matter the size. On our way back home we stopped off to eat lunch at The Green Turtle. It was so nice having a tv at our table to keep the kids distracted. I cannot think of the last time we all went out to eat and hubby and I could actually have a conversation w/o one of the them talking in our ear. I have avoided the gym all week like the plague but I PROMISE tomorrow there will be no excuses.