Sunday, November 20, 2011

Not much to blog about so...

This will be a whatever post. We've all been busy lately around the house...especially with Matthew. A while back my husband saw one of my screen names and its a name I've had for YEARS and have used and still use for anytime I need a screen name. Of course with this day in age people will probably associate to a popular movie and not my love for a lotion I once had as a teen. It has been years since I have loved any lotion to have to purchase it as soon as I ran out. I now just use whatever and rarely purchase the same lotion twice. I've got hurt in the past with certain companies discontinuing scents. It started out with Enchanted Apple (which I still find time to time at their semi annual sales), then my all time favorite,Pink Twilight. It smelled so fresh like I had just showered. It was pink and sparkly. VS had that one and a blue one,Moonlight Magic,but Pink Twilight has by far been my favorite. I still see it on eBay but it looks stale even through the picture. It isn't that pink color its yellowish looking. After Pink Twilight I started using Sheer Freesia from Bath and Body Works but yet again that one too has been discontinued :/

I found this one on ebay for over $30. I wonder how old it is.

This is a very very old scent that my mom use to love from Victoria's Secret,Her Majesty's Rose. I miss that scent too. It smelled just liked roses. I believe its from the early 90's.