Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving recap

Well, its been quite a week. Mady has been sick since this past weekend :/ Ken and I have to be somewhere really important on Thursday with Matt but now I'm not so sure one of us will make it because of how sick Mady is.
So, Thanksgiving day well...hubby had to work Thanksgiving Day. So, we ate a late Thanksgiving dinner. Everything came out great. Hubby decided he would smoke our turkey. All I did was brine it and then monitor the temp of the smoker. I made our sides the night before so I wouldn't have to worry about cooking during the day while the kids ran wild. I didn't really take pictures that day. I forgot to take a pic of our apple pie. I did go on my first ever Black Friday shopping. I had fun and it was nothing like the youtube videos that I have seen. Noone was rude but at the same time I wasn't running towards electronics nor was I at the front of any lines. As much fun as I had I was so tired that following day. Enjoy the few pictures.