Monday, January 30, 2012

Little ramblings...

I can't believe how close we are to start our long drive out to CA. I'm nervous because I'll be following my husband and kids. I'll be alone with our cat. My husband,family members,friends and even my kids say I drive like an old lady :/ I'm sorry I like to go under the speed limit. I'm hoping our trip doesn't take a full week.
Hmmm not sure what else is going on besides getting ready to move. I did go to TJ Maxx and found the cutest little earring and bracket organizer.

It was $15 and is double sided. I keep my nicer stuff in their pouches in my make up vanity. Also, I'm on a small sugar high for body products. The Philosphy 3 in 1 was also purchased on my TJ Maxx trip. The frosting anti bac is from Bath & Body Works. I really love sweet smelling stuff except when it comes to perfumes.