Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feeding a picky eater on the road

Since we will be on the road for a week I know we won't be eating the healthiest. Usually lunch is fast food and dinner is at a sit down restaurant so that's when we can order veggies with our meal. Mady is such a picky eater at home I have to get some veggies in her any way that I can. Insert these little pouches. Some are packed with veggies that I haven't even tried (i.e. purple carrot and rutabagas.) She of course picked out the Princess pouches and we bought some sweeter fruit ones to use as snacks. I'm still clueless what I'll use to give my older son for a snack. He isn't as picky but due to his retainer and lip bumper he has quite a few items he can't eat at the moment. Ok back to cleaning out stuff.