Thursday, March 8, 2012

Easter goodies

I love Lenten season. It never meant much to me in the past until 2007. I found my way back to my faith to my GOD. I wasn't looking to be saved but I was. I am forever grateful to that day it happened. So, I look at Lent as almost a "New Year" type of celebration (for me).
Ok well, before I was "saved" I had always enjoyed receiving an Easter basket and now that I am a mom I enjoy putting them together. I know the Easter bunny has nothing to do with the whole reason we celebrate Easter, but I like that little added extra. Plus, I love Easter with all its springy pastel colors. I've been buying little goodies for the kids' Easter baskets here and there since January. This is what will be in their baskets:

Matt's basket

Mady's basket