Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I've been loving lately...

So, Matt is on a two week spring break (yes TWO weeks) and the kids and I are sick...perfect timing I suppose. I thought I'd share some items that I've really been loving lately.

Birthday Cake Oreo cookies are awesome! I heart the sprinkles mixed into the cream filling.

Caffeine free Diet Coke. I drink this because I love Diet Coke but the caffeine keeps me up at all hours of the night. So, luckily this is a great alternative.

I bought these two sandwich/snack keeper at Old Navy. The brand is Sistema. It has a compartment for the sandwich and one for some snacks in another.

I also picked up these travel utensils that come with a fork,knife,spoon and chopsticks. You have to put them together but I loved this. My son sometimes has to take throw away plastic utensils to school or actual sliverware (which has accidentally thrown out).

This last one is for salads. At the bottom you keep your lettuce and in the top compartment is where you can put your fruits/veggies or nuts. Also a small container for your dressing. This will work out great for meat less lunches on Fridays for Matt. I plan on using it for tuna fish salad for him.
I bought these all at Old Navy for a great price. They seem pretty durable and are BPA free. I bought two sets for the kids and plan on using them for their snacks/lunches on days we go out to the beach. I'm off to bed and hoping we all magically wake up healthier tomorrow :)