Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christmas in July

Well, every year since we've been married I have DREADED Christmas time. Spending all that extra money for gifts for kids,family and each other. With all our other bills still needing to be paid we barely make it to the end of Dec. I spend most of my time worrying other than enjoying. So, this year I said to DH that as soon as we got back from our TX trip we'd start buying a little at a time gifts for the kids and family. We made a list w/ ideas for each person we needed to get gifts for. It has really helped plus we get to bargain shop now for gifts. We've already bought a few gifts for July. We won't buy anymore til Aug. It has been such a relief and now I can't wait til its Christmas!! Matthew is a little harder to shop for. Most of his items are more expensive. It has been easier shopping for Mady since she doesn't have any preferences yet. I've got a few ideas for Matt that I know he'll love and that are outside what he usually wants/thinks about (mostly Club Penguin or Spongebob). I'll update w/ next months buys :)