Monday, July 12, 2010

How much did each of these items cost me?

Would you believe nothing? Yup each item was absolutely free and they are all in perfect condition. These items were either from Freecycle (an online group...its like a large free garage sale) or were left out to be taken to a landfill. Now, I am not poor just a little more conscious (thank you Barbie C.) of what is trash and what just needs a newer home. There are plenty of items I won't get just because its free (sorry I'm just not "there" yet). It is sad to see so many people throw items out just because they don't want it anymore or they couldn't sell it. Everyone now a days is trying to save some $$ so why not donate? I have put plenty of my own items on freecycle and they have been taken. I just don't feel like putting in the time and effort to sale it so giving it away is easier and gives me back my space a lot quicker.

Items I have received from Freecycle: Willam Sonoma cookie cutters (I saw them at their store to only get them in mint condition from a little old lady on freecycle), a working freezer, a working printer (for my son), Step 2 slide (someone's kid just outgrew it), an ab cruncher (we haven't put it together since we first got),a baby gate (Lord knows I need to babygate my whole house),a toddler seat you connect to a regular chair and four hard cover cookbooks.
Items I found that were left homeless and needed a little TLC: a step 2 red kids plastic toy chest (unsure if I'll keep it but its wasn't even that dirty) and a light blue wooden shelf that I put in my son's room.
Sorry for any run on sentences,misspellings or mis use of punctuations. I'll come back and edit later. I've just been typing like a mad woman just trying to get this post done with. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for any unwanted items...they may just be in need of some TLC.