Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deep In the Heart of Texas

Where to begin? Well, first off Mady was WONDERFUL on both flights. I was really scared to fly with her this year. Last year I just wore her in my sling and no problem but we hit some really scary turbulence on our way to Dallas. After that I swore I wouldn't fly again but ummm living 1780 miles away is just impossible to go and come especially for family emergencies. So, I sucked it up and flew to Laredo. She slept pretty much the entire two flights AND we were turbulence free!! I get so nervous when I fly that I don't eat til I get to my destination so from 4am til about 1 I didn't eat. Soooo when I arrived in Ldo I was STARVING!!! It was wonderful being picked up by my mom and sister. We went to H-E-B so I could buy supplies before heading home. It never really feels like I left Laredo when I go back once year. Yea a few places had opened or closed since my last visit but everything still pretty much looks the same. It was great that my dad got home early too. We all went out to eat and Mady was a monster...ok not really she just sat the whole time in the booth and played w/ my sister's water. Mady really took to my parent's home...a little too well. I thought she'd behave the first two days and just be shy. Nope she declared it hers and was loud as ever. The boys arrived that Sunday and I felt so much more at ease having them there. I'm cheesy but I really hate to be away from Ken. Our visit was so short. It seems like I blinked my eyes and we were back in MD. It was great getting to see my MIL and SIL. We went to Sea World for the day and had a great time. Before we knew it we were leaving them and coming back to Ldo for a few more days. I hope that we soon move back. I miss TX so bad :(