Thursday, September 2, 2010

♫It's our anniversary♫

Today was our 4 yr wedding anniversary and it was a great day! We have NEVER been able to go out just us two and celebrate. We went out for lunch while Matt was at school and my greatest friend,Barbie, took Mady for a little while. Then at 5 Ken's co worker,who also is our side neighbor, took care of both kids for us. We were home minutes til 7 and was happy to hear that Mady was good for her. Matt played Club Penguin while we were out and could have cared less if our house was on fire haha. Mady was upset after Mrs. Lauren left and threw a mini tantrum so we took her outside to the park and she cooled off. We delivered our church casserole that is due every first Thursday of the month before 8pm for a soup kitchen in Baltimore (we almost forgot all about it). It has been overall a wonderful day. I love Kenny more than the day we married he is my best friend and my better half. Thank you love for a wonderful 6 yrs (we've been a couple that long) and 4 wonderful years of marriage. I look forward to many many more years together.