Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its been one week...

It has been one week since my family flew back to TX and I think it has taken me that long to begin to get back into a schedule. I had a wonderful visit w/ them even though we weren't able to venture out to DC like I had planned (Mady Lou was very sick during their visit). So, we mostly bummed around the house. DH and I were able to get out for TWO dates in a week!! (We are lucky to get one every 6 months) but definitely won't see that again til the summer,which I am ok with. I received some great gifts but the best gift was just having my parents and sister here for both holidays. Mom cooked and her food was great. Ken was happy to have had enchildas twice during her stay. Kat definitely took a load off of Ken and I having to entertain the kids. They both wanted to be around her more than anyone else. Dad of course was the conversationalist. I made a few New Year's resolutions. I figured if I typed them out for someone to read then I'd have to follow thru. So, I am trying to control my temper a little more (trying to find a picture/word or something that will snap me into thinking first),take more yoga classes,eat a little healthier and to potty train Mady :)

Every January since I've been married I get a hair up my you know what to rearrange some part of the house. Last year we (Ken) switched three of our rooms out. Matt took our computer room which is the 2nd biggest room in the house,Mady took Matt's room and her room became our computer room. That room was the smallest but also the one right next to ours. It was a VERY LONG weekend but we got thru it and the rooms have all worked out great. This year it finally hit me that we (Ken & I) always put ourselves last. I wanted to get new sheets for our room and fix up our closet and master bathroom. So far we finished our room but I am hoping by summer we will have the closet and bathroom ready. Before and after pic of our room.

The Before:

The After:

The large dresser has been moved into our walk-in closet. I'm not planning on leaving that seat in front of our bed there but will be moved back into the closet once I am done in fixing it up.