Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smallish update

We've been kinda busy and lazy around here. Busy because DH was gone for a few days for work. So it was just the kids and...ME and they definitely kept me on my toes. Lazy because we finally got several inches of snow and caused Matt to miss almost the whole week of school. We all just stayed in watched movies and kept warm.

We updated a little bit of our bathroom. I can't find any of the accessories that match the shower curtain I chose. I want it all to match down to the wastebasket...anal I know but I've let our bathroom slack for too long. I forgot to take a before picture but there wasn't much. Our shower curtain was stripes and the colors were orange,yellow and green...not really something I cared for. Can't wait to update the sink area whenever I find the matching accessories. Hope y'all have a great week :)