Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Many blog names

I've changed my blog names quite a few times since I started it in Oct.'08. I started it because we had just found that we were expecting a girl and instead of mass emailing everyone w/updates and pictures I thought this would be easier. I also felt that not everyone on my Facebook page would care to see all pictures or hear all my updates. So began "The Springsteen Family Blog." After a while I began to feel that I could only update my blog about my family and not anything else (silly I know) so I changed it to..."The Married Crazy Cat Lady." I have grown up LOVING cats. We have owned many cats since I was little girl up until I got married. I have a small collection of cat figurines. I use to dress my cats up and still do for holidays. My cousin M once told me upon me telling her I was pregnant with my son that she couldn't believe I was pregnant. She said she thought I would've ended up single with a bunch of cats...gee thanks but I kinda feel like that's how I would've ended up too. Right now my cat and I are going thru our teen/over bearing parent yrs. She has been acting quite a bit lately. Also, after MANY MANY years of being against declawing cats I am finally going to have her declawed. I have many reasons to. I am so over soft clawing her...she bites her own fake nails off anyways. So, since our relationship isn't so much of the crazy cat person right now I switched it for a milla second to "From TX to..." I felt as a military family it would be fun to blog about missing TX at times. I follow quite a few TX blogs and their posts usually have me missing home. With hubby's career their isn't a chance for us to be stationed there UNLESS he switches career fields which we are unsure about just yet. So, after that I thought what if we do end up back in TX. Then my blog would be "From Tx to...Tx?" So, I put the star up for now til I have some time to think. I need it to be something that kinda describes me and rolls off my tongue when I say it :) Hopefully the new name will be soon.