Tuesday, February 1, 2011

'It's my thing, get over it'

DH is back to his late shift so that leaves me alone with the remote and indulging in one thing I loathe...reality tv (with the exception of cooking reality shows). I enjoy watching my dvr shows alone and without unwanted commentations (sorry hun). One show that I find myself DVRing and have been for a while now is Teen Mom.

Why? I honestly don't have a really good reason only that I think on some level I can identify with them (not ALL of them). I was 19 and newly single when I first became pregnant and 20 when I had my son. I had an up and down relationship with my son's father. A lot of these girls are in the same boat as I was and so I guess sympathize with them. I guess to admit that I like to watch it to others makes me feel the need to be a tad bit defensive like Miranda was on an episode of SATC. She liked to indulge in celebrity gossip and her response to others was "its my thing,get over it."