Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Mady!!

We are FINALLY settled into our new home. I am glad to see February go. It was such a stressful month for all of us. My 30th birthday came and went. It was a pretty great day. My husband surprised me with a dinner for us 2 only. One of his co workers kindly watched our kids for a couple of hours. We ate at a great restaurant right by the ocean. Since it was a Monday night the place was pretty quiet and just felt so romantic. Plus, having a great table by the water made it that more enjoyable. It was a relaxing dinner and I am so glad we got to go out.
Mady's birthday was a great one as well. She kept calling it her "lucky day'. For her birthday dinner we had pizza and cupcakes. We got to Skype with my family and video chat with my MIL. Mady is one lucky little girl to have such wonderful grandparents that even though we are hundred miles away they are still there to sing happy birthday with us. She also received great gifts.