Monday, February 6, 2012

Be happy :)

This woman is talking about my hometown. Yes, some of the stuff she says is true. No, I am not like the people she is describing. I really hope no one does anything to scare her or make her feel even more uncomfortable. She made a big mistake by going on Youtube to bash her current city. Military spouses have a saying "Home is where the (insert branch name here) sends us." I truly believe that. I was not crazy about moving to MD when we first got orders here back in '07. It takes awhile and you also have to put yourself out there. Not everyone speaks pure Spanish in Laredo. I for one was not taught Spanish by my parents (thanks mom and dad!). I did pick it up but I am not fluent. Oh well. There are people like her all over this world. I just don't let people like her "rain on my parade."