Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's in my purse (moving addition)

As I type this my house is filled with boxes. I am waiting for the movers to get here and load up our boxes. I am carrying around my large purse since we will be on the road for a week. So this is what's in my bag. In no order: coupon holder, sunglasses, agenda,iPhone charger (I am using my iPhone to blog and take pictures),make up bag with no make up in it haha,strawberry tic tacs,Eos lip balm and hand lotion,contact drops,eye drops, crotons from my lunch that I didn't eat,clutch wallet, a reusable bag in the shape of a strawberry, a hoodie, Mady's socks that she took off today,jelly belly beans,car keys,checks and cinnamints. I am ready to start this trip. I am just ready to get this month over with. I know by the end of the month we will nicely be settled in our new home.