Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frankenstein shoes

So, my overly crafty friend,Barbie, invited me to a shoe makeover party. I am so not the least bit crafty but decided to take two pairs of flip flops to see what I could do. I bought the glittery pink zebra pair at Michael's. Not really what I wanted but pretty much what they had in my size. The other pair were an old pair I hardly wore. I kinda liked the straps just not the flowers. So, I saw online where one girl was able to remove the straps from her flip flops and she put fabric in place. I wanted to just switch out the straps and maybe add something in place of the flowers. I cut up the black flip flops to remove the straps and cut off the pink straps to get them off the zebra shoes. Next I spent some time with a screw driver pushing thru the black straps. Later, I added the monogram pins. I did rip out the pin part so they were more like buttons. I hot glued them on to the straps. I'm happy with them but now I can't wait to do another pair and do a way better job. I think this pair will make cute pool shoes.