Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Matthew

I CANNOT believe that Matt is 9! It still hasn't hit me...he then of course reminds me that when he is 10 that I'll be 30 (gee thanks). He STILL isn't out of school. He is getting out 2 hrs. early and it will continue until his last day on the 14th. About 4 we headed to Chuck E. Cheese where he wanted to have his birthday dinner. He and sister both enjoyed themselves. He won quite a few tickets but the way he plays these games makes me think he has gambler tendencies (j/k). After we got home we got on Skype w/ my parents and sister so we all could sing Happy Birthday and open gifts. He really enjoyed all of his gift and his cake too. He chose it but while I left it to thaw a bit little Mady came by and swiped her fingers across the cake. I can't believe how quickly his birthday came up on us. He is growing up way too fast. I love you Matthew.