Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend Recap

Hubby had both Friday and Monday off (super yay!)
Friday - Little M had her last mommy and me class. I think I might enroll her again after the summer. Hubby and I also ran a few errands around town before big M got home from school. Hubby grilled too for dinner :)
Saturday - We bummed around the house. Our community pool opened so we took the kids for about an hour. The kids and I got dark and poor Ken still has his farmer's tan haha. That evening we went to church and had an older family with us in the cry room. When I say older I mean the two older kids were teenagers and their youngest was a 1st or 2nd grader...all very well behaved which made me wonder why was their father and his kids in there? I usually let little M talk and dance around in there because its either us only or another family with a toddler in there. So, trying to keep her quiet for the sake of this man and his family was a bit tough AND to top it off he wanted to leave the one of the doors open because it would make the room a lot more cooler. I said no because my kid would either run our or be so loud that we would disrupt the others that were in the church. Its a cry room for goodness sake not V.I.P. seating at church. Oh well. Later that night I got to go out with a great friend for a movie and drinks. Mrs. Barbie and I saw Bridesmaids.
It was hilarious EXCEPT for the vomit scene. I have a huge fear of vomit (real or fake) and couldn't watch or listen to that part haha. Luckily most of my friends already know this so it isn't a shock when I close my eyes and cover my ears during vomit scenes. It was great gabbing with her over margaritas. Afterwards we came back to my house and hubby had made margaritas (banana and strawberry) and we all talked til almost 3 am. Needless to say getting up the next day wasn't fun, but I hardly have nights like these so it was worth it :) We went to Kohls on Sunday and I bought this bottle. I am not sure if its sad or not, but from all of our purchases over the weekend this is what I loved the most.

I love its size and color. I drink A LOT of water and it is so annoying having to fill up my water bottle constantly. This bottle is 64 oz and has a ice pack that you twist on. So not only does it keep my water cool but I also don't have to fill more than two times a day. Well, that is all. I am just still PATIENTLY waiting for the school year to end so we can go on vacation. I so can't wait :)