Friday, June 17, 2011

ULTA hell

Last night the family and I went to Ulta. Well, husband and son went to Best Buy and little M and I went into Ulta. It was next to impossible to look at anything with her. When I finally did get a chance to look at some makeup I felt something furry on my foot when I looked down it was Mady brushing a makeup brush on my foot...luckily it was a tester. I did get what I wanted which was Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer potion.

Since I did just buy it I've only used it today. I did notice that my eyeshadow didn't have a crease in it by the end of the yay for that product so far.
Mady LOVED their marshmallow sparkle powder.
I had to laugh everytime she squealed when I put some powder on her arm. When the boys joined us she had to show her papa how "barkley" (she can't quite say sparkly) her arms were. I think in the future I will go to Ulta alone or make my husband come in with me and not go off to Best Buy haha.