Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bling Bling

So, I finished my small make up drawer. I can list what I did wrong. First,I should've "modge podged" it but I had no idea what that was when Barbie mentioned it. Second, I should check more than one store for a zebra stencil. I went to Michael's and all they had was stencil sheets so I made my own stencil only to find SEVERAL stencils at Hobby Lobby. Now last I would have ordered slightly larger crystals from and have read the one review on the black ones. I didn't care for that weird top it has that it almost looks like they have holes on the top in person but oh well. I am still pleased with the outcome.

So yes all four sides are of zebra print and you can see that I can't draw straight lines but oh well.

The Hello Kitty mug I've had for a while now. I think my parents bought it. I bought the crystals at Michael's and just bejeweled her bow. I use it to store my makeup sponge.

I have a few more craft projects but I am thinking of waiting til both kids are back in school/daycare (crosses fingers Mady gets in).