Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earthquakes,Hurricanes & VMA's Oh my!!

So, Aug. 23rd I had a first...my first experience in an earthquake. It was a very light one and only lasted a minute I think. It just really took us all by surprise. We were all upstairs getting ready to head on out to Matt's new school to meet his teacher. He started school on the 24th. My first reaction to the whole house shaking was that our home was just randomly falling apart. We all went downstairs and walked out our back slide door. As soon as we walked outside we saw several people from our neighborhood go out as well. So good, we weren't the only ones that felt the movement. One lady said she was walking right by our house when it happened and she saw our van rocking side to side. There was no damage only some stuff from the top of Matt's closet had fallen over.

Matt's first day back was a good one. It was a short week having started on Wed. He seems to like his teacher and class mates as well as the brand new school. I am hoping for a great school year for him.

Well, on Aug. 27th we had hurricane Irene come thru the east coast. I was a tad bit nervous. I prepared a little for the hurricane. I did buy some jugs of water(not the 3 days worth for each person) but a little as a just in case,extra tp, wipes,diapers and food. None of this was a crazy amount. I bought it because I hate driving in the rain so I figured if we are gonna stay in doors might as well make sure we are stocked up. I am so grateful we didn't loose power through the whole storm and our tv/internet was in and out throughout the evening. Not to make the storm sound like nothing it did knock out power in the surrounding areas and because of that my son has missed Monday & Tuesday of this week so far. I am hoping the kids don't have to miss anymore school its not even winter and we already are using our bad weather days.

I still enjoy watching the VMA's every year even if I don't know some of the artists. Out of all the performances this one by Bruno Mars was my favorite. I thought he did an amazing job.

(Hoping the link still works...it was hard trying to find a good version of this oh well this one will have to do).