Monday, August 22, 2011

Blinged up make up box #2

So, I decided not to go w/ zebra and hot pink on my vanity...I moved that to my computer desk. My vanity table is white and my chair is light pink so I just went with those two colors instead. I didn't want to go and buy another small white storage box from Target and decided to make due with my old purple one. I sprayed white primer first then followed up with a pink paint...I think the color is Sweet Pea. After I glazed it I ended up pretty happy with it. Besides the bottom and the inside you would never guess its original color.

I painted the two grey knobs white and covered those with rhinestones.

I know I said that if I ever rhinestoned knobs again I'd use a bigger size than when I did my zebra one. Well, I was so wrong. Larger rhinestones make it look worse. I really wished I had used smaller ones. It makes the knob look "blingier" and you see less open spots and even if it doesn't follow a pattern you really can't tell. Larger rhinestones show all your mistakes.

Oh well, I use it just to store some of my make up. I'm still really happy with the way it turned out. Oh, and the liner I used in my drawers was just embroidery paper from Hobby Lobby.