Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friday thru Monday...

Well, it's been an up and down past few days. I'll make it short and sweet. Friday was a down because Matt broke his retainer and was possibly going to cost us $350 to replace. Saturday and Sunday were up days. Nothing spectacular happened but just an over all good two days. Monday was alright til that evening when the Redskins lost to the Cowboys by two points! I can't discuss the game... Monday did have some good news. Matt's retainer can be fixed. It will take 4 weeks and only cost $85 which is way better than the $350 we were thinking it was going to cost us. I'll update more later on the 5k I ran Sunday morning.

Oh forgot to mention...my parents were so kind to send us a gift from Yankee candles. Well, Yankee messed up the order and sent the same items to us twice. Double checked with dad to make sure they didn't charge twice and they didn't. So, now we are going to forward the box to them.
The cutest little Redskins fan.