Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So, I said I had just gotten my new phone Friday afternoon. I went from an EVO to a Iphone. I am still playing around with it. I was use to setting my alarm on my Evo and it would set for M-F. Well, with my new phone you have to individually click on the days you want it to go off. Well, dummy me didn't do that so Tuesday instead of waking up at 7 I woke up to my daughter talking at 8...Matt's school starts at 7:45! I run to his room and he is AWAKE in bed playing with his DS. I was MAD! Got us all completely ready and out the door. I told Matt how disappointed I was in him for knowing better and not waking me up. He knows the routine this has happened in the past but not where we are late. It was more like when I would go to his room to wake him at 7 he would already be awake playing his ds. Plus, this hasn't happened in almost a year. He knows that playing video games in the morning is a no no...well school mornings. So, yes I have the DS til...

Besides our frazzled morning (Mady and I had somewhere to be by 9:30) the rest of the day was pretty calm. I did go to Target that evening with the family because I did want to check out the Missoni line. Well, there wasn't much to check out. Seems like everything was almost sold out! They had some bins but I really don't need anymore. I was looking for some flats but all they had were munchkin sizes left.

I really like them and I am on a mission to find them or something like them. I heart flats and these colors would be great for fall. So, they didn't have my size so I walked out with this instead:
I needed a new mascara and right now Maybelline has limited edition tubes of their great lash mascara. I bought the BCBG Max Azria edition.
My favorite purchase of the night was the Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts (sad,I know)but I am a sucker for anything pumpkin right now haha.