Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 14: A photo of your best friend (s). Day 15: A photo of you and a family member.

Day 14~

I wish I had my childhood photo album because I've known these two girls that long. It wasn't until middle school when we became besties. These are two of three girls that I have had arguments with and yet we've over come them and are still great friends. I think that is what makes a best friend. It is someone that you can argue with but find a way to talk out the disagreement not just turn your back on them forever and call the friendship over. Plus, even if I wanted nothing to do with them I'm pretty much screwed because they know too much ;)

I met Christine senior yr in high school and pretty much that first semester I didn't care for her. We were in colorguard and after marching season we didn't do much except throw out ideas for winter guard (didn't start til Jan.) and talk. I don't know what happened that made us two start talking but soon we were like two peas in a pod. She is one person that we can say certain words and we will start laughing like weirdos. She and I were in each others weddings. With her I can go a long time without talking or seeing her and we can easily pick right back up where ever we left off last.

Day 15~

My little sister and me this past Christmas :)