Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vera, Vera on my arm

I am really loving of some of the new Vera Bradley patterns that are out for Spring. I'm so glad my birthday is right around the corner ;)

My favorite has to be this pattern Blue Lagoon. Online I didn't care for it but when I saw it at the store I just loved it.

I really love the Weekender bag in Pink Pinwheel or Imperial Toile (both on sale...even better). Each bag uses two of my favorite color schemes. Plus with us leaving to TX for the summer I think it will come in handy for our short trips. We mainly stay with my parents but we do take trips to see my MIL and my grandparents. I am so tired of having to lug my big suitcase for a few days stay in one place.

I love the Imperial Toile pattern as well for the hanging organizer.

We've only bought one gift for Miss M right now. I am a tad bit clueless as what to get her. She received so much for Christmas. I am thinking of maybe a little car that she can use outside. She also loves anything she can push around. She isn't picky so I'm pretty sure she'll be happy with whatever she gets.