Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 8 ~ A photo of something you enjoy doing

I couldn't choose just one.

I really do love organizing and/or re organizing anything. I'm glad I have this trait because in the process of organizing I do get rid of a lot. So I'm pretty sure I won't become a hoarder. Sometimes,though, I get so crazy getting rid of all my junk that sometimes something important slips into the bunch and I throw that out :( I am working on trying not to clean/organize when I am in one of these moods.

I really love to jog. Not for staying in shape or training to compete. I just do it for the sheer joy of it. Whenever I am stressed,angry or I don't want to think about anything I'll go for a run. I prefer running outdoors when its warm. During cold season then I'll use the treadmill but it does take a lot out of me to actually want to go to the gym.