Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

It was a great one this year. I got to spend the day with him and that alone qualifies for a great one :) Well, we started off our morning with pink chocolate chip pancakes and hash browns from Dunkin as well as a latte.

Mady got to open her gift in the morning after breakfast and she loved her Mickey Mouse toys and Minnie water bottle.

We pretty much enjoyed the afternoon with a quick trip to the commissary to pick up items for dinner. Matt returned home having had lots of candy at school. I didn't get to take pictures of him opening his gifts but he received a Cars bag with a Space book,candies and a Club Penguin plush (Fire Sensi). Grandma Carol & Grandpa Skip sent a huge Space book and he really liked it. It a lot of information that he had been asking me questions about. His Nana & Pops sent him a sweet card and a lolli. My parents sent us a big package filled with all sorts of Valentine goodies,clothes,home decor,sweets and a hot pink wig haha. Hubby did an EXCELLENT job cooking dinner for us 2.
He made surf and turf with a side of zucchini and for dessert we picked up some ice cream cupcakes. Matt saved his cupcake for tomorrow. He really wanted one of the candies that we got him in his bag. It was a chocolate dipped rice crispie treat.

Last but not least my Valentine gift. Hubby bought me a James Avery charm for my bracelet. I can't wait to go back this summer so I can take it to the store to have it added. I absolutely love my charm but not as much as I love him :)