Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 6 ~ A photo of someone that you love

I love all my family and choosing just one was very hard. I wanted to put my grandpa because I miss him very much. He is still alive just not doing too well. He doesn't even remember me or a good bit of the family for that matter. He hasn't been the same since his stroke in Nov.'05. I have so many great memories of both him and my grandma growing up. One of my favorite memories was how they always had a freezer stocked with Schwan's ice cream and he would always offer us ice cream no matter what time a day it was...right in morning,right before a meal and he would usually do it in secrecy. Somehow my grandma usually heard him and would yell not to offer since we had either just eaten or were about to eat.
I was lucky that one of my aunts posted this picture up of him. I have a few pictures of him here at home but they are all framed. I guess that's my mission this summer when I go back to visit. To find more pictures of my family and make copies of them for myself.